Buying a Home in Hamilton is Always a Good Idea! 

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments you will make in your life. One that will not only decide which type of house you will purchase, but where you will raise your family, commute every day to work and most likely end up retiring in. Investing in the Hamilton real estate market is perfect to do just that!

A little bit about Hamilton 

Hamilton is in Southern Ontario wrapped around the western tip of Lake Ontario. This city is divided into different districts, East, West, Central and the Hamilton Mountain.

Hamilton for the third year in a row has been selected as one of the worlds Smart21 Communities of 2020 by the Intelligent Community Form (ICF). This designation represents Hamilton having the best models of economic, social and development in the digital age. Hamilton communities have been nominated based on six indicators: broadband, knowledge workforce, innovation, digital equality, sustainability and advocacy.

Hamilton is also a fast growing and trending community with some of the loveliest neighbourhoods perfect to raise your family in. The top six family-friendly neighbourhoods in Hamilton include; Mountview, North End, Delta West, Kirkendall, Huntington and Durand.

Communities within Hamilton have been developing steadily with beautiful single-family homes and with some of the best local amenities that fit all of your needs. Hamilton’s local amenities includes medical clinics, shopping centers, local restaurants and bars, beautiful parks and recreational facilities for all ages.

Hamilton is also known as the home to more than 120 hidden waterfalls and has been named the “Waterfall Capital of the World.” Albion Falls being one of the most picturesque and most visited waterfalls within the city of Hamilton.

The Dundurn Castle in Hamilton is a popular historic monument which dates back to 1813. Dundurn Castle is a former military encampment established by the British. This beautiful castle was once home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab, a lawyer and Premier of the United Canadas. This villa is now a guided tour and museum accessible to engaging Hamilton residents and visitors all year long!

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Live in Hamilton:

1. HEALTHCARE. Hamilton has one of the best healthcare systems. The Hamilton Health Care System strives to provide seamless healthcare needs that improves the quality of service for all its patients, their families and everyone in its community.

2. EMPLOYMENT. Employment in Hamilton has been on the rise for both full-time and part-time workers since last year. Perfect for those wanting to work and live within the same community.

3. GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. Government programs have been created by the City of Hamilton, offering grant and loan programs for investors and existing property owners. 

4. EDUCATION. Hamilton offers the best educational system to local and international students from all over the world. Hamilton is home to the most reputable public and private English and French Immersion elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools. McMaster University and Mohawk College are the main post-secondary institutes in Hamilton providing students with an excellent opportunity to study and work after graduation.  

5. ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. Down Payment Assistance Program have been implemented by the City of Hamilton to help make home buying easier for Hamilton renters. This assistance program is available for low to moderate-level income residents that currently can afford to pay for their mortgage or rental costs, but are finding it challenging to come up with the down payment for their first home.  

6. ART & CULTURE. Hamilton is filled with beautiful art and culture with over 300 festivals held outside, including Supercrawl and Festival of Friends. The city is filled with beautiful art, with the Art Gallery of Hamilton showcasing over 40 stunning pieces of the city’s Public Art Collection. 

7. FOOD. Downtown Hamilton has become a popular hub of authentic and trendy restaurants like The FrenchThe DiplomatThe Mule & Berkeley North, which are perfect for your everyday brunch or dinner.

Hamilton is perfect for any type of lifestyle, whether it’s a family looking for a single-family home, a couple looking at purchasing an urban or upscale condo or for those who are retired or looking at retiring in the near future!

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