Why Home Staging helps increase the value of your home!

In today’s Real Estate Market, Home Staging has become a vital process when selling your home. Home Staging not only puts your property ahead in the market, but you can expect to generate more interest for sale within your community or neighborhood. According to Statistics, staged homes are sold much faster compared to ones that are not. These staged homes sell about 5%-10% higher than the actual value of your home.

Top Benefits of Home Staging: 

  • Your home will sell 3 times faster, compared to those that are not staged.
  • Staged Homes sell 5-10% higher, meaning more money in your pocket.
  • Increases the value of your property over time.
  • Makes your home look more appealing to future home-buyers.

10 Simple and Easy DIY Home Staging Tips:

1. Make Minor Repairs:

It is important to fix minor repairs within your home. Small repairs such as fixing broken light switches, cleaning grimy bathroom floors, tiles, and sinks can make your home look well maintained. Make sure to take care of these minor repairs before you show your home.   

2. Add Visual Art or Paintings:

Replace your personal photos with visually appealing art. This adds more colour, visual interest and sets the mood and tone for each room.

3. Proper Furniture Layout:

Proper layout of furniture is vital, as it defines the purpose of each room. The right furniture placement also creates a proper flow and traffic for when home buyers visit your home. There are several ideas for furniture layout and grouping. For instance, place living room furniture; couch, sectional, accent chairs and coffee table together, which is perfect for family gatherings.

4. Clean your Garage:

The garage is an important space that every home owner overlooks. This space is most likely filled with storage boxes, bins and even garbage. Home buyers are interested to see the extra parking space available for their vehicles. Try adding extra storage shelves to store away boxes and bins and organize it so it doesn’t look too messy.

5. Deep Clean:

Make sure that your home is clean and tidy. Deep clean your floors, tubs, sinks and countertops. Most home buyers will check out your bathroom, tub or your kitchen countertops and sinks. Make sure these areas are not dirty, as it will turn them away from purchasing your home. Try using scented candles or oil diffusers to make your home smell more fresh and clean.

6. De-Personalize:

Remove all personal items, such as photos, that will distract a potential home buyer. You want them to imagine themselves or their family living within this home, you do not want them to spark questions of who is currently living there.

7. Update Rugs:

Find the perfect rug that fits each rooms and your furniture. For your family room make sure your rug is big enough to fit under your sofa and your coffee table, like the image above. The right-sized rug will make your room look larger and more put together.

8. Declutter:

To make your home look bigger and more appealing, try decluttering each room. Try removing most household items such as seasonal items, décor or things you won’t use within the next few months. Try placing these items in a storage unit or within your garage or shed, it’s better if these items are out of site when buyers come to visit your home.

9. Add Mirrors:

Adding mirrors will make even a tiny room look much brighter, open and nicely designed. You can pick up decent sized mirrors from your local home décor store, such as Winners, Marshalls, and Ikea.

10. Reorganize Closets & Shelves:

Messy over packed closets or shelves typically means that this house does not have enough storage space. Try and weed-out items from your bedroom and bathroom closets, kitchen pantry and any other storage space within your home. Box and store these items in bins. Home buyers will most likely open up closets and cupboards, so make sure they are not messy or over cluttered.

Home Staging through a Professional:

Your home is personalized and decorated in a way that speaks to you, but have you wondered how it speaks to potential buyers? When it comes time to hiring a professional for Home Staging it is important that you don’t take this process too personally. A Home Staging Company’s main goal is to decorate your home that speaks to everyone, in the most compelling and pleasant way.

If you are looking at Home Staging for your property, we have the most reputable and trusted network of contacts to work for you. Contact Us today and let us help you find the best Home Staging company that suits your needs!