10 Best Home Upgrades Before Resale  

When it comes time to selling your home it is important to understand which upgrades are worth the investment. Most of you who are selling your home have probably completed some of the upgrades listed below. These upgrades and renovations are small jobs that can be done easily over time by any homeowner.

With these upgrades you can substantially increase the value of your home and create a line up of buyers who would be eager to purchase your home today.

If you are looking at selling your home now or in the near future, take a look at the 10 Best Home Upgrades before Resale below. 

1. Interior Painting:

The number one upgrade you can do to make your home look more appealing to future home buyers is to re-paint your walls and trimmings. This will make your home feel more clean, fresh and brand new! For paint colour options stick with neutral colours, such as white, soft blues, light gray or taupe.

2. Flooring:

Laminate and vinyl flooring are a growing trend when upgrading and installing flooring within your home. The most important factor when it comes time to picking your flooring is the colour. Try picking a colour that accents your walls, such as dark or light brown. According to the Real Estate Market Statistics, off-colour flooring can prevent your home from selling quickly.

3. Finished Basement:

A finished basement adds a huge value to your home, up to $53,000 with a decent finished basement, according to the Real Estate Market Statistics. This is one of the major assets within the buyer’s eyes. An extra living area, a separate washroom and an added bedroom is considered as a decent finished basement. The numbers also reveal that a house with a separate legal entrance to the basement have more value then ones that don’t!  If you are planning to build your basement soon, consider adding fire alarms, proper insulation and a reasonable height to walk around. If you are planning on renovating your basement, you can hire a professional to finish the job. This extra space is worth the investment, even after you sell!

4. Kitchen Cabinetry:

If your cabinetry is a few years old, it’s time to refinish or upgrade them to an updated version. Look for long kitchen cabinets that go up to the ceiling, this will maximize your storage space.

The colour choice in your kitchen will set the tone for the rest of your house. Try and choose your kitchen cabinet paint colour wisely. White is the most popular and trending colour, allowing your kitchen to look more bright and bigger!

5. Interior Light Fixtures:

If you have builder grade or yellow light bulb fixtures, opt for the most modern and trendy lights, such as Pot Lights, LED Lights, Pendants over your kitchen table or island or modern vanity fixtures. Decora plugs and switches are also one of the major upgrades within your home, giving each room a nice modern touch. You can find reasonably priced light fixtures and Decora plugs and switches at Home DepotLowes or Rona. For installation you can contact your local Certified Electrician to help you complete this small upgrade. Light fixtures like the one above, will make your home look brighter, modern and will appeal more to your future buyers.

6. Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets:

Many homes have basic builder faucets or taps that are out of date. If your taps are worn out, you can replace them with quality taps and faucets that can be found from your local home hardware store. This small cost can add more value to your home and make your kitchen and bathrooms look brand new and much more contemporary.

7. Kitchen Countertops & Backsplash:

When a home buyer first enters your home, the first thing they are interested to look at is your kitchen. If you have a basic wood countertop you might consider upgrading them to granite or quartz. Though this is an expensive upgrade, the return on your investment will pay back tenfold. If your countertops and cabinets are light, try adding a colour accent, such as light gray or blue to your backsplash, this will add a fun and more comforting effect with the two-tone look.

8. Declutter:

Whether it is your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom try to remove items that causes cluttering. For instance, store away your toaster oven, coffee machine, any extra pots or utensils within your kitchen, remove lotion bottles and towels within your bathroom and any extra items from your nightstand and dresser. This not only makes for more space but also makes your rooms look functional and a lot bigger!

9. Landscape, Driveway & Exterior Door: 

The first thing a homebuyer will look at when purchasing their dream home is the exterior! When it comes time to staging the exterior of your home, it is important to first walk around to see if there are any obvious repairs that need to be completed.

One simple thing you can do is pressure wash your exterior surfaces, windows, patio furniture and your driveway. This will remove layers of dirt and make your home look new and fresh!

If outdated, you can also replace your front door. A simple door with large window creates an elongated and modern look!

Planting a few flowers in your front garden can add a beautiful touch to your landscape. You should also make sure your lawn is weeded and trimmed as well.

10. Clean Interior Windows: 

A simple and easy upgrade you can do is clean your interior windows to help make your home feel bigger and brighter! Dirty windows and blinds can create a dull look within your home. The best way to clean them is with natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

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